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After nine hours of deliberations, a truck driver was found not guilty of the charge of murder in the beating death of a man. The trucker was charged with murder after he was involved in an altercation with a man, ultimately beating him to death with a tire iron. William Daley successfully defended the driver, convincing the jury that the beating was in self defense. The beating took place after words were exchanged between the trucker and a man who had approached the trucker’s wife. Attorney Daley persuaded the jury with the argument that the driver had no choice but to defend himself when he was attacked by the man with a knife.


There are many different types of driving offenses, all of which hold different penalties and consequences for those guilty of committing them. However, one of the most serious, impactful, and expensive driving offences is DUI. Being found guilty of this particular driving offense can result in serious consequences and have damaging implications for the future. There are many undesirable effects of being charged with DUI, which can include:

  • Increased insurance costs
  • Hefty fines
  • Driving disqualification
  • Alcohol assessment and treatment

Being charged with DUI can therefore make life costly and difficult in many ways. If you believe that you have unfairly been accused of DUI it is important to seek legal assistance as soon as possible. Once you have been found guilty or have admitted to DUI you have to bear the consequences, so it is vital to get this charge sorted out through the proper channels in order to avoid the severe penalties that are attached to DUI.

Our office knows exactly how to handle DUI charges, and we will assess the case fully in order to try and get your charges dismissed. We are well aware that a detailed process must be followed by the officer that arrests you on the charge of DUI. Failure to comply strictly with these requirements can result in a dismissal of charges, and we know exactly what slip-ups to look out for in these cases.

Some defenses that can be used relate to areas such as:Whether you suffered violation of your constitutional rights

Whether the officer concerned followed the correct procedures and regulation in a proper fashion

Whether you were made aware of your rights when the officer made the DUI arrest

Whether the blood and alcohol level tests were properly carried out

Whether the equipment used to monitor blood alcohol levels was maintained and in good working order

Many cases of DUI get dismissed on simple technicalities. An experienced legal expert in this field we know exactly what to look out for, and we are aware of the various loopholes that can mean the difference between a successful charge or a dismissal of charges. By using a more experienced lawyer (we have been doing DUI defense for 30 years) that has dealt with a large number of DUI cases in the past, you could increase your chances of success.

When you look for a lawyer to deal with your DUI you should check on the following: Whether the lawyer or law firm has extensive experience in dealing with DUI cases

How often has the lawyer or law firm gone to court or pled guilty to DUI

Picking the right lawyer for your DUI case can make a big difference with regards to having to cope with the stresses and consequences of this charge or getting the charges dismissed.

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A jury awarded $459,130.33 to the family of a 12-year mental health hospital patient. In receiving this jury verdict William Daley convinced the jury that 33-year-old Willie Hill, Jr. should not have been given a grounds pass by his doctors at Madden Mental Health facility, due to Mr. Hill’s longstanding mental health problem. After receiving the pass, Mr. Hill, who had been at Madden for three years, left the hospital grounds and ingested a lethal amount of alcohol. He was found dead by the police. Before trial the hospital had offered only $20,000 to settle the case. Attorney Daley represented Hill’s family in this medical malpractice case. 


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