Slip & Fall


Throughout San Diego people sustain serious injuries in slip and fall accidents every day. Slip and fall accidents can lead to devastating injuries for victims and can be caused by wet or uneven flooring, dangerous stairs, faulty construction, holes in the ground, construction plates or a number of other unforeseen things. The fault of these slip and fall accidents can be the property owner, a renter or construction company.

Determining liability in a slip and fall case can be very difficult, especially in California where it is a comparative negligence State. It’s best to have a Slip & Fall Attorney on your side. In general, an injured victim will have to demonstrate one of three things to have a legitimate liability claim in a slip and fall case:

The owner of the property caused the dangerous condition that led to the slip and fall injury.

The property owner knew about the dangerous condition and took no steps to correct the problem.

Finally, the property owner should have known about the dangerous condition and taken the proper and reasonable steps to correct the problem.

Slip and fall accident cases take careful scrutiny. Some factors that the court takes into account are how long the dangerous situation had existed, whether the property owner’s attempts to fix the problem were reasonable and proper and if there was any comparative negligence on behalf of the injured party. For example if the slip and fall occurred where the injured person was in an area of a supermarket or store that has heavy traffic, the store might have a greater duty than an area that receives little or no traffic from the public. Given all of the issues surrounding slip and fall cases, it is critical that you consult a slip and fall attorney familiar with the law in California to obtain reasonable advice.

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