Truck Accidents

Truck Accidents


 “It was like getting hit by a truck.” That is one way people describe an event that has had an enormous, and often devastating, impact in their lives.

If you’ve ever been hit by a truck, you know that it is very different than a car accident.  Because of the greater number of cars a truck can impact and the destructive force of its large hurtling mass a truck can do much great damage than a car.  Your San Diego Truck Accident Attorney can help.

If You Are Hurt in a Truck Accident what do you do?

You’ve been hit by a semi-truck or 18-wheeler or any other type of truck. Thinking clearly when you are scared and injured may be difficult. So maybe you didn’t do everything just right following the truck accident. Don’t be discouraged. The next best thing is to follow the steps below, if you have not done so already:

•          Immediately go to the Hospital or a physician for a Medical Examination to determine what, and how severe, your injuries may be.   You MUST document the fact that you were in a truck crash and that you were injured enough to QUICKLY go to the doctor or hospital.  Failure to seek immediate medical attention will tell the truck company’s insurance carrier that you were not injured.

•          Save any and all evidence from the Truck Accident.    You MUST take photographs of the vehicle that you were in, the truck that hit you, the area where the crash occurred, and photographs of any black and blue or scratches or other injuries that you may have suffered, but that will so disappear.  If possible, make certain that your attorney has an opportunity to look at your vehicle BEFORE any repairs are done.

•          Hire an Experienced Truck Accident Lawyer:  To be properly compensated for ALL of the injuries you and your loved ones have suffered, you will need a truck accident lawyer with years of experience in crash injury cases and damages.  Compensation your truck accident attorney will seek for you include:

•          Medical Bills for current and and future medical treatments;

•          Property Damage to your car;

•          Compensation for the physical pain and limitations you suffered;

•          Compensation for Time off of Work.

The choice you make in hiring a Truck Accident Attorney can be the most important decision that you make.   Should you or a loved one be injured in a truck or semi-truck accident or crash, contact the Law Office of William Daley, your Truck Accident lawyers.

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