Why do crime rates peak around Christmas?

Why do crime rates go up around the Christmas Season? What does December have to do with the behavior of people?

Statistically, there is more crime committed during the months of November and December. Some crimes regularly committed during these months are shoplifting, fraud, false pretenses, breaking into cars and forgery.

Crime, specifically robbery, is especially high in and around commercial areas and malls during the holiday season. Shoppers need to be cautious when carrying items back to their cars. It is a good idea to shop with another person or have security walk you to your car. If you feel uncomfortable or as if someone is following you, go back inside of the store.

Police believe robbery goes up during the holiday season because people cannot afford certain things or want to give a nice Christmas to someone else.

It said that winter months leading up to Christmas are when domestic robberies have recently been at their highest. In line with this, warnings are given out to homeowners that Christmas gifts can make an attractive target for thieves.

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