What should I do if I get caught Shoplifting in California?

Most people arrested for shoplifting are caught in a department or retail store, usually staffed with security personnel and cameras. Many security personnel will act as shoppers to keep an eye on people they suspect of shoplifting. Security will usually wait until the person has left the store and will approach them once outside and ask them to come to a back office with them.

When they take you to the back they will try to get you to give a statement admitting to the crime. They might make it seem like they will not call the police or file charges if you do. Don’t get fooled into making a statement! Use your right to remain silent and do yourself and your criminal defense lawyer a favor and don’t make a statement to anyone about anything. It will be much easier to defend your case in court if you say nothing.

When police arrive they will usually issue a citation and let you go without taking you to the police station, but they may in some cases and even set a bail amount. You will usually have some time between the arrest and the court date – this is the time to act!

There are many programs for people accused of a shoplifting that can be done in lieu of having a criminal case in the court, especially if it is a first time arrest. Even people who have had prior arrests can take advantage of these programs with the help of an experienced criminal defense lawyer. After I arrange my clients’ participation in these programs I have been able to get their shoplifting cases dismissed after meeting with the prosecutor. The most important thing is to call a California criminal defense lawyer who knows how to work the system and stop a criminal case from being filed against you.

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