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Were you or a loved one injured in a car accident? If so, you probably handled the situation as well as anyone else by exchanging information with the other driver and calling police or CHP. But now you’re home and you’re still stunned and shaken and the pain is setting in and you’re wondering what you should do.   Call us at (619) 238-1905 for your FREE Consultation.

First and foremost, if you have not already seen a doctor, do that now. Get medical attention immediately. Some injuries may seem minor but could potentially be more serious and some can only be discovered through imaging studies such as x-rays and/or MRI’s. Most insurance companies will tell you that if you did not see a doctor shortly after a crash, you were not injured as a result of the crash. Also, it is very important that you follow up with any further treatment ordered or suggested by your doctor.

The next step is contacting the other driver’s insurance company to report the accident and file a claim. The only information you need to give at this time is your contact information, date and location of the accident, and your auto insurance information. IT IS BEST TO NOT GIVE A STATEMENT TO ANY INSURANCE COMPANIES UNTIL YOU HAVE RETAINED AN ATTORNEY AND HAVE THE ATTORNEY PRESENT AT THE TIME YOU GIVE THE STATEMENT. Many insurance companies are like the police, they are looking for information to use against you. Remember, anything you tell them can, and will, be used against you!

Keep a diary of all injuries, and TAKE PHOTOGRAPHS of all visible injuries and vehicle damages. That black and blue mark that you have will go away in a few days, but your injuries may not. Remember, a picture is worth a thousand words. Because the insurance claim likely will not settle right away, it is absolutely important to maintain a daily journal of all symptoms and activities related to the accident. Your journal can include symptoms of pain, frustration, inconvenience, inability to sleep. Your journal can also include dates and times of doctor appointments, dates and times you were required to use public transportation because your car was not available, times when your pain was so severe you couldn’t button a shirt, pick up a garbage bag, walk your dog or play with your small child. Being injured in a car accident can deprive you of all the things we take for granted on a daily basis. A negligent driver who deprives you of all these things should be held responsible.

San Diego Auto Accident Lawyer William Daley has been representing clients who have been injured in auto accidents in San Diego for over 30 years. Over the years we have aggressively fought for clients against insurance companies to obtain the best possible compensation. We are experienced in handling claims involving:

  • Rollovers, rear-end collisions, frontal impact collisions, sideswipes and “T-bone” collisions
  • Crashes involving pedestrians, bicycles, motorcycles and SUV’s
  • Accidents involving public transportation such as buses, airport shuttles, taxi cabs and mass transit
  • Crashes involving auto vehicle defects such as tire defects, crushed roofs, and failed seat belts and airbags
  • Car accidents caused by dangerous road design, improper or inadequate warning signs around road construction or detours
  • Car accidents caused by distracted drivers, drunk drivers, teenage drivers, cell-phone distracted drivers, negligent truck drivers
  • Car accidents involving serious injuries such as spinal cord injury and traumatic brain injuries
  • Injuries caused by negligent medics while treating patients for car accident injuries
  • Car accidents resulting in wrongful death

At the Law Office of William Daley, we are experienced in the claims handling process, the investigation and discovery process, and trial litigation. Our consultations are always free of charge. Contact our office today for a free consultation. (619) 238-1905.

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