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By: Kayla L
Temcula, CA:

If you ever need a Criminal Defense Attorney, or an Auto Accident Attorney, I VERY HIGHLY recommend Attorney William Daley.
My family had 2 different things come up in our lives, and thankfully, we had the good fortune to meet William P. Daley, a San Diego Criminal Defense attorney, who also is a Personal Injury Attorney. One of us had a serious felony case filed against us, and it was a horrible situation since it was my brother being charged with felonies that he was innocent of. In the other matter, me, my mom and dad, were in an automobile accident and Attorney Daley worked on our side, and settled the case for far more money than we had ever expected.
In both the felony criminal case and the auto accident case, Veronica from his office, and Attorney Daley, made us feel like family, keeping us informed about what was going on with the cases. And, if we ever had any questions, Attorney Daley was always there to answer our questions.
In the criminal case Attorney Daley was able to contact the prosecutor’s office and see that the charges that my brother was arrested on, never got filed. He contacted the prosecutor and was able to work it out so that we never had to go to court.
In the Auto Accident case Attorney Daley got us an amount of money, even after he was paid, that was way more than we had ever expect.
If I EVER got into trouble, or was injured again, I would not hesitate, or would I hesitate to suggest to any of my friends, to go and hire William Daley.

William Daley:

Seeking a seasoned experienced trial attorney? I found from personal experience that William Daley is that and more.

My wife and I discovered Mr. Daley through a local Bar Association referral service. We needed to consult with an attorney concerning our daughter’s malpractice case in Northern California. Mr. Daley’s advice was spot on which was relayed to our daughter and her attorney who put that advice to good use. William Daley was our ace in the hole, because of him and only because of him everything worked out as our daughter had hoped.

Our daughter and her attorney in Northern California were battling an insurance company with an entire team of attorneys with unlimited funds. Our daughter’s attorney was overwhelmed and out gunned by endless legal wrangling, depositions and intimidation. They needed help! We found the insurance industry will defend their client at all costs whether they are at fault or not fault. That is their job and they do it extremely well.

William Daley was candid, up-front and direct with us and accurately predicted the defense moves, events and timing. He explained the legal reality of what was to be expected as far as the tactics that will be employed should the case settle or go to trial. He stressed it can get ugly, embarrassing and depressing.

William Daley, unlike our daughter’s attorney is very experienced in his specialized environment dealing with malpractice cases. It cannot and does not get much better than that.

In our opinion, you will be very fortunate and lucky to have him in your corner!


- Pat F.
Imperial Beach, CA


If you are ever in the circumstance to need a highly skilled and experienced Attorney at Law to represent you in a court of law I would highly recommend the Law Offices of Attorney William Daley in San Diego. Due to some unforeseen circumstances I have had to require their services twice. If you ever find yourself in a position to have to be defended in a criminal or civil court of law it is a nerve wracking and extremely stressful experience. Mr. Daley and his staff were absolutely the best when it came to listening to my situation and working with me to go through the legal process. They listened to me and explained everything to me. I don’t know if there is a similar term for bed manners for lawyers but if they do I would compare Mr. Daley’s to that of your long time family doctor. He just made you feel at ease right away. He has been successfully practicing law in San Diego for a long long time and all of his experience definitely shows in how he handled my cases. Before I decided to hire Mr. Daley I interviewed other lawyers and I just did not get the same sense of confidence. I could not have made a better choice and I am so glad for it. In both situations Mr. Daley and his staff handled my cases with the utmost professionalism and above all made me feel comfortable. They really make you feel like they are there to do whatever they can to help you! That comes from Mr. Daley all the way down to his amazing staff(Melissa and Veronica). It’s bad enough that you feel like some sort of criminal when you have to deal with certain legal issues. In both instances I was extremely fortunate to have very favorable outcomes and I attribute that directly to Mr. Daley’s experience, skill and professionalism. I could not Thank Mr. Daley enough for how he handled my cases. His services were worth every penny. If you EVER need an awesome lawyer and a great support staff go to Mr. Daley. You will not be sorry.


- Frank M.
San Diego, CA


We were in search for an attorney with exceptional experience in juvenile cases in which my son needed the right defense attorney which he was looking at 3 charges, each one was a strike offense, and my son had no priors before his arrest. Due to the nature of the crime, robbery with a firearm, we felt that our son would be doing some length in time, especially being a few weeks away from turning 18. The prosecutor’s charges and statements gathered did not look so good for my son. Including the possibility and the fear of being tried as an adult.

Prior to hiring Mr. Daley, we had a court appointed attorney, even though I felt somewhat confident about the existing appointed defense attorney, I felt that wasn’t going to be enough.

When I contacted Mr. Daley, he was very quick in communications to ask questions and the status of the case and responded with some real good situation scenarios and some strategy. His rates was affordable compared to other juvenile attorneys, which his rates where 1/4 of the cost.

I didn’t have to go to his office, he came to our residence and I was very much surprised he made the effort and kept his commitment.

In short, Mr. Daley was able to convince the presiding judge to release my son to my custody while waiting for his additional hearings ahead.

The second court hearing was a more serious one, which the probation division had a recommendation which would include camp for a length of time. But, again with Mr. Daley’s help and his experience, we were able to have the judge again approve the release of my son to my custody with probation.

I can’t tell you how much my family appreciates the professionalism and experience Mr. Daley exemplified in the release of my son and it is such a blessing to have my son for the holidays instead of being locked up, and including sent to camp miles away.

If you are seeking a very good defense attorney for your son or daughter that has gotten into deep serious trouble, and you need a good affordable attorney that cares and is there to support your child or minor and dedication to your family, please contact Attorney William Daley. He is a great asset to your defense and a great asset to knowing not as just a defense attorney, but he is seems to know about family values and what keeps a family together.


- William M.


Mr. Daley,
I, my wife, my son and his family cannot express enough our appreciation for an outstanding job you had done for my son Glenn. I really want to thank you with the true meaning of the word “thanks”


- Romy and Myrna DeLaCruz.


Mr. Daley, Just wanted to tell you what a pleasure it was meeting you and to thank you so very much for all of your expert advice and knowledge. You were a God send for us!


- Pat and Kris Fowler.


Bill and Veronica, I just wanted to express my sincere appreciation for your help with my hearings. I really needed someone in my corner, and you truly came through for me. I hope I’m never in a situation like I was again, thank you both for everything!!


- Jamie Schau.


Attorney Daley handled my daughter’s personal injury case very well and with professionalism. I liked how well informed we were kept and how well we were treated through the entire process. Attorney Daley could feel my daughter’s pain and suffering. We were not just another client.


- Tina.


Went to see Attorney Daley for an unfortunate issue, where a good Defense Attorney was needed. Mr. Daley is actually and Honest and Forthright Attorney! He never misled us, and told us exactly what we needed to do, in order to do “our part”. He did “his part”, exceptionally, in representing us. We could not have asked for a better attorney. Everything has worked out for the best. He helped me see life in a whole new, more respectable way. I am so glad that I chose him. He was “affordable”, and went way beyond, what I expected. If you ever find yourself in a bad position, and need a defense attorney, call William Daley! You will be glad that you did.



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