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In many ways, the law is like a battlefield. Winning requires more than sheer, brute force. It requires knowing the lay of the land. It requires identifying the weaknesses of your opponents, anticipating their next moves and leveraging your own strengths. Above all, winning requires the leadership of a seasoned general who knows how to implement tried-and-true tactics to achieve victory.

At the Law Office of William Daley, our founder is a veteran attorney with more than 30 years of experience. As a former U.S. Marine and Sheriff's Deputy, he understands how to develop effective strategies for prevailing. He is a tenacious advocate dedicated to providing the highest quality of representation for clients from all walks of life.

Need trusted legal guidance in criminal defense, personal injury or wrongful death, either as the result of medical malpractice or another's negligence? Contact our San Diego Criminal Defense Law Firm at to arrange a free consultation.

A Trusted Legal Ally

Criminal defense, DUI defense and personal injury have one thing in common: All require unwavering dedication to standing up for clients' rights. At the Law Office of William Daley, our firm serves as a valuable legal ally in both of these practice areas. We are committed to protecting clients' rights and interests through whatever means possible. Whether fighting criminal charges or pursuing compensation for the devastating consequences of wrongful death, we work hard to get every client the best possible result.

A longtime resident of San Diego, William Daley knows the legal landscapes of each local courthouse's particular processes and procedures. He has built trusting relationships with local judges, prosecutors and court staff.

Our former clients have consistently recommended our firm for others facing criminal charges, personal injury or wrongful death matters, demonstrating the high caliber of legal services we provide.

Dedicated To Your Interests

Because of our depth and breadth of experience, we know how to get things done. We take pride in our unshakeable commitment to helping clients prevail.

Our firm always places clients' needs and interests first. We treat all clients with the respect and compassion they deserve. You can expect us to return your phone calls, emails and texts on the same day. Additionally, lawyer William Daley will personally handle your case, devoting personal attention to your situation.

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